Guiding You Through All of Life’s Milestones. 


Whether you are purchasing your first home, surprising your 16 year old with their first car, or heading to the beach or mountains for retirement, we will help to make sure that your assets are protected through all of life’s transitions and changes.  Our team is only a phone call or e-mail away.

Holistic Risk Management Philosophy

Our risk management process consists of the usual policy and coverage recommendations but we do not stop there. The agency partnership and the contract with the carrier are the tip of the iceberg. We maximize our in house team and leverage loss control resources to expand our impact by providing a comprehensive risk management program for our clients.

Loss Control

Loss control evaluations are imperative to mitigate future losses and to protect the marketability of the client’s coverages. We partner clients with loss control specialists that provide an initial review along with a detailed analysis of particular areas that need improvement. Once suggestions for improvement have been made, we work to prioritize the implementation, provide resources and recommendations on how to execute, and guide you through those suggestions from start to results.

Claims Services

Although our goal is to help prevent claims, the reality is that they happen, no matter how many measures have been taken. When potential and actual claims occur throughout the policy term, we help guide you through the process. We offer to report claims for you because we know that often your time is better spent containing the situation than on the phone with the insurance company. Depending on claims frequency and client preference, we review claim status on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Claims are closed more quickly when the lines of communication are open between insured, agent, and insurance company. When we see trends, we step in to provide recommendations and resources to reverse the trend. By closing claims faster and staying up-to-date on claims, we are in a better position to explain and negotiate renewal terms with our insurance companies. We are here to protect you and stand by you during the tough times.